Bromo Desert Race

Bromo Desert Race 50 is ultra trail running race in the beautiful Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park, Indonesia.
Running at the one and only, high altitude desert in Indonesia, Bromo National Park.
The main attraction is Bromo with itʼs beauty and magical view. The main challenge will be the summer heat and sandy course.

Who We Are

BRODER50 organized by MANTRA – Malang Trail Runners, a trail running community that has a wealth of experience in organizing mountain ultra running events: Mantra Summits Challenge / Mantra116 (6X), Skyrace Indonesia series (7 series), Pine Park Local Legend, Pinepark Everesting 24.
MANTRA comprise from bunch of trail runners, based in Malang with vast experience in competing in the race as well as organizing a race. We design BRODER50 from the foot of trail runner. To make the race as what runners looking for.